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Pet & Vet Services

Discover the profile of exhibitors in the Pet & Vet Services industry

  • Animal Health Services: Hospitals, Specialty Centers and Diagnostic Centers looking to connect with General Practitioners and refer clinical cases as partners.
  • Health and Funeral Assistance Plans for Pets: Operators of health plans and funeral assistance services.
  • Insurance for Pets and Veterinary Establishments: Life insurance for pets, property insurance for veterinary clinics, life and business succession insurance for family veterinary practices, procedural indemnity insurance for legal cases and other types of personalized insurance.
  • Financial services: Credit, payment methods and financing options.
  • Consultancies and Advice: Consulting services in business management, accounting services, marketing and other areas.
  • Education, Training and Professional Development: Universities, coaching and preparatory courses and services.
  • Pet Daycare and Boarding Services: Daycare and boarding services assist veterinary centers as partners.
  • Pet Transport Services: Safe and convenient transportation solutions for pets, ensuring they can get to veterinary appointments or other activities safely.
  • Software Solutions and Management Systems: Specialized software and management systems for veterinary clinics and hospitals.

Professionals in Research, Development and innovation, purchasing,
production and heads of Pet business unit of Animal nutrition industry
are also visitors to the Animal Health Expo Forum.

Pet Nutrition Industry

Discover the profile of exhibitors from the Pet Nutrition industry

Complete Nutrition for Pets:

  • Balanced Diet Solutions: Foods formulated to meet all needs
    nutrition of pets at different stages of life (puppies, adults, elderly).
  • Special Diets for specific needs: Products developed for weight control,
    food sensitivities, and health conditions such as kidney or liver disease.
  • Functional Foods: Supplement-Enriched Solutions: Foods that include functional additives such as omega-3,
    fibers, antioxidants, probiotics, or glucosamine to promote general, digestive, joint health, among others.
  • Formulated for Specific Breeds: Foods adapted to the specific nutritional needs of different breeds,
    taking into account factors such as size, genetic predispositions and activity levels.
  • Snacks and Snacksfor Training and Reward: Products formulated to be
    used as positive reinforcement during training or as occasional treats.
  • Functional Foods: Snacks formulated for dental health, weight management, or additional health benefits.

Nutritional Supplements:

  • Vitamins and Minerals: Supplements designed to ensure adequate intake of essential nutrients.
  • Specific Supplements: Intended to address specific needs such as health
    joints, skin and coat, digestive health, and immune system support.
  • Therapeutic Diets: Nutrition formulated for Pets with Kidney problems, Liver Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Heart Diseases
  • Diets for Obesity: Low-calorie, high-fiber foods to promote weight loss while maintaining satiety.
  • Diets for Gastrointestinal Problems: Diets with easily digestible ingredients,
    enriched with probiotics and fiber to support gastrointestinal health.

    Sensitivity and Allergy Diets:

  • Hypoallergenic: Formulated with new or hydrolyzed protein sources to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Food Sensitivity: Foods with limited ingredients and carefully selected to avoid
    common ingredients that cause sensitivities.
  • Diets for Urinary Health:
  • Prevention of Urinary Crystals and Stones: Diets formulated to control urinary pH
    and mineral levels to help prevent the formation of crystals and stones in the urinary tract.

Professionals in Research, Development and innovation, purchasing,
production and heads of Pet business unit of Animal nutrition industry
are also visitors to the Animal Health Expo Forum.

Pet Care Industry

Discover the profile of exhibitors from the Pet Care Industry

Hygiene and Care Products:

  • Shampoos and Conditioners: Solutions for different hair types and dermatological needs, neutral, natural, hypoallergenic.
  • Dental Health Products: Toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental treats designed and formulated to help maintain pets' oral health.
  • Ear and Eye Cleaning and Hygiene Products: Safe solutions for regular eye and ear cleaning.
  • Paw, Nose and Hair Care: Natural, neutral, organic and hypoallergenic protective creams for paws, nose and hair.

Nutritional Supplements (non-medicated):

  • Joint Supplements: Such as glucosamine and chondroitin, designed to maintain joint health.
  • Supplements for Skin and Coat: Fish oils, biotin and other supplements that promote a shiny coat and healthy skin.
  • Probiotics: To support the gastrointestinal health of pets.

Accessories and Equipment:

  • Care Services: Pet Sitting and Daycare: Care and supervision services during the owners' absence.
  • Activity Monitors: Wearable devices that monitor pets’ physical activity and heart patterns, diabetes and sleep.
  • Health and Wellness Apps: Applications that help owners manage their pets’ health and diet,
    including reminders for hygiene treatments, medication schedule control and veterinary appointments.

Pet Health Industry

Discover the Pet Health Industry Exhibitor Profile

Pharmaceutical products:

  • Therapeutics: Specific medicines for the treatment of chronic and acute diseases.
  • Vaccines: Solutions for preventing infectious diseases.
  • Antiparasitics: Solutions for controlling external and internal parasites
    including endoparasiticides (such as dewormers) and ectoparasiticides (such as fleas and ticks).
  • Antimicrobial Therapies: Medicines used to treat bacterial, fungal or viral infections.
  • Biologicals: Products derived from organisms for the treatment and prevention of diseases.

    Equipment, Technologies and Innovations:

  • Veterinary Medical Equipment and Devices: Advanced technologies for treating and monitoring animal health,
    including remote monitoring devices and wearables for health and activity tracking.
  • Imaging Diagnosis and Laboratory Medicine: Rapid Tests, Equipment for Clinical Analysis of Urine and Blood,
    Biopsies and Specific Tests for various infectious diseases and genetic conditions.
  • Imaging Diagnostic Equipment: Equipment such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging,
    ultrasound and radiology.

Professionals working in the areas of research, development,
Production and product development, as well as Unit Heads
de Negócios Pet also participate as visitors to the event.

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